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Blueberry & banana smoothie bowl with maca & slippery elm. Topped with chia, blueberries and dry roasted almonds :)

Q: Leading cause of death in Western World = Heart Disease. Biggest contributor to Heart Disease = Cholesterol. Where is Cholesterol found? SOLELY IN ANIMAL PRODUCTS.



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Grateful Living

"Practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives" - Brene Brown

Each day we should ask ourselves and one another; What are you grateful for today? 

Today I am grateful for the beautiful morning I have had, practicing Ashtanga yoga for the first time, coffee, green smoothies, the farmers market, sunshine and most of all great company & conversation :) 

"Its not Joy that makes us grateful, its gratitude that makes us joyful"



It’s truly amazing to meet people that aren’t obsessed with bodies—the presence of a body, the weight of a body, the duty and form of a body. I often forget that not everyone has grown up meticulously judging the physical space they occupy; that you really can be more than what you see in the mirror. I treasure these moments so wholeheartedly.

This is so true, especially when you are the one who is constantly thinking about how you feel in your body, your weight etc it helps you remember there is so much more to life then obsessing over weight and that your insecurities should never stop you from doing what you want

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